Writer / Producer / CEO

"Music makes me smile!"

Kai Panschow is definitely one of the TOP composers + producers in Germany. His creative output is unbelievable + he knows exactly how to deal with the TV medium....

Writer / Producer

"Without music I wouldn´t survive!"

You can't get much more than this! On the contrary: Linus Sandberg is just starting to spread his music throughout the World. This is one creative talent...

Writer / Producer/ DJ

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music!" (George Carlin)

"Stillstand" isn't part of Thomas Helmich's vocabulary. Thomas lives a 24/7 urban life style. The...

Writer / Producer

Since his early childhood Tim von Lingen had a passion for music- it began in 1995 when he took his first violin lessons and in the year 2000 he became a member of the Hannover boys choir where he...

Owner Nuturn s.r.o. Slovakia

Zuzana Retkesova ( Nuturn s.r.o Slovakia)

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Writer/ Producer

The guitar GOD!

sometimes it is exaggerated to call someone a god... but when it comes down to guitars... here he is.

His credit list is long!

writing for superstars like" En...

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