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Does the music world really need another album from the electronic world?
We think so, because this album is vision + passionate electro-punk at the same time! The minimalist drumbeats +...

NonPlusUltra is core competence in the matter of TV + pure 360 degree entertainment!
Here generation genres meet from disco feeling, electro pop over indie rock flair to ambient pulsating...

Album Of The Month June 2021

High-Energy Adrenaline Pop! Progressive, highly explosive + driving maximum-speed anthems for sport + play with riffs of pop-soul-funk, electro-dance-big beat...

Times loud or times quiet was yesterday! Now anti is announced + so musically everything is allowed! Refreshingly direct progressive sub pop for the masses! Typical for an enfant terrible!


a new collaboration with newbie Martin Blankenburg!

Check out this scary and innovative style of suspense.

As Tom Morello once said.... NO SAMPLES NEEDED just guitars !


Kai Panschow

Writer / Producer / CEO

"Music makes me smile!"

Kai Panschow is definitely one of the TOP composers + producers in Germany. His creative output is unbelievable + he knows exactly how to deal with the TV medium. Currently, there are over 100 albums to his credit with different labels all around the world. Besides writing music for image films (i.e Volkswagen, Dr.Oetker, WMF or Lidl), Kai produced the music for the feature film "Verreckt" in 2010, which won acclaim + awards around the globe.

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