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MightyandMassive`s latest creation “Not Your Fan “deals with the topic of stalking and social media exposure.
A topic that is getting more and more prominent in our daily routine.

NONPLUSULTRA are pure DNA pop highlights in interplay of songwriting + production! Always ahead of its time + thereby best TV entertainment! Permanent subscription in all TV formats in the field...

ntroducing "House Zone": The ultimate album for those those crave trendy, cool + zeitgeist sounds from music house for all future nostalgic people! Let's go party + have a good time!


This is progressive action high-levelled! Epic beats + haunting striking melodies as you dive into a realm of electronic music created to move you from heavy bass drops to lush synths + intricate...

Welcome to Investigator, an exploration into the dark + mysterious realms of thriller, tension + cybercrime! From the heart-pounding excitement of a thrilling chase to the tense anticipation of a...

The second single of MightyandMassive pay homage at an eastern European marching band joining a rave party. Sounds crazy? Check out the lyrics…
Two meanings in one story…Choose yours!


Kai Panschow

Writer / Producer / CEO

"Music makes me smile!"

Kai Panschow is definitely one of the TOP composers + producers in Germany. His creative output is unbelievable + he knows exactly how to deal with the TV medium. Currently, there are over 100 albums to his credit with different labels all around the world. Besides writing music for image films (i.e Volkswagen, Dr.Oetker, WMF or Lidl), Kai produced the music for the feature film "Verreckt" in 2010, which won acclaim + awards around the globe.

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