What´s on fire….

Unbelievable, yet true! The cover of our new album Teen Factor has been banned on the "black list" in the USA. The scandal was triggered by the depiction of an obvious situation of young girls playing out their teen dreams on the cover, a setting which is apparently quite scandalous for the Americans. Visually it’s actually harmless + would be considered esthetic + appealing in Europe.

It seems as if the clocks tick differently in the USA. We definitely don’t want or intend for anyone to be harmed by our eye-catching cover + do respect the law. So many countries, so many customs!

Music is meant to be heard + photos are meant to be viewed! We’re good sports about the whole thing + without further ado, we censored the cover for the American market. At any rate, we’re happy that our new album Teen Factor got so much attention.

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