Production News

Currently we are working on a variety of tracks and records…

On the one hand side new albums for Popvirus and UBM Records…

On the other hand side the Evolve EP from Davenstedt and Axel Coon is just ready for release.
Stay tuned for that banger!

Next thing we are putting beats together for international top line writers to get their input!
We haven´t focussed on placing songs for other artists but now we are getting back on this after a couple of years.

POPVIRUS Library "Trailer - As Above, So Below"

Producers News

Interview with Kai Panschow

Can you describe a normal working day?
Normal? (LOL)
Usually I am starting between 9am and 10 am reading emails while having coffee.
Then I start the lab and start to write or mix or master…
A "Normal" working day ends then at 7 pm with a nice dinner…


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