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Interview with Kai Panschow

Can you describe a normal working day?
Normal? (LOL)
Usually I am starting between 9am and 10 am reading emails while having coffee.
Then I start the lab and start to write or mix or master…
A "Normal" working day ends then at 7 pm with a nice dinner…

How do you guys get over the long distances between you all?
Phone and Skype and for sure the dropbox.Nowadays it is easy to work over long distances. We are spread all over Germany and our partners are also based all over the world. The only thing that is sometimes tough... are the different timezones we are in.

You never sit together in the lab?
Sure we do… but it is not necessary... sometimes thing develop faster when you are sitting in different studios…

What kind of music really influenced you and the others?
Me for example The Prodigy and Depeche Mode…For the others… I really cannot say we have a lot of different backgrounds and favorite music styles. That makes us so versatile.

What is upcoming for NUTURN?
For sure we will concentrate on writing good and "Hooky"music.
We will also concentrate to work with some top line writers next year… to get another perspective.
Axel and Thomas will be pretty busy with their evolve EP which is so massive… I am really proud for the boys!

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