Thomas Helmich aka Davenstedt

Writer / Producer/ DJ

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music!" (George Carlin)

"Stillstand" isn't part of Thomas Helmich's vocabulary. Thomas lives a 24/7 urban life style. The lights burn day + night in his studio + he probably uses more juice than his entire neighborhood, His creativity is nearly inexhaustible - a truly contemplative guy on all levels.

His motto: "Just do whatever you damn please as long as it feels good!". Constantly reinventing himself seems to be on his agenda + it's essential for him to create quality music that lasts. And that's a good attribution to have especially in the dog eat dog world of the music business.
Beeing a member of the Chart Act Eichensohn & Davenstedt he is also a banging Dj as his alter Ego "Davenstedt"

A lot more is to come… Teaming up with Axel Coon and their release of Evolve ( Riptide Music Group)

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